Our Purpose

To gather people to the Lord Jesus Christ to worship God as a community of believers, ministering to the total man (spirit, soul, and body); to make disciples; to encourage relationship building (God, family, community); to equip believers for service (ministry, community, etc.), in order to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

  • To gather people together as a community of believers
  • To minister to the whole man (spirit, soul, and body)
  • To make disciples
  • To encourage relationship building
  • To equip the saints to serve

Our Mission

  1. Evangelistic teams ("G.O. Fresh Start" = Gather Others, Fresh Start) will go out and connect with the community block by block.
  2. Ministry teams will minister to the whole man, geared toward a specific need.
  3. We will have Quick Start Class (for converts), New Members' Class, Discipleship Training, and "Jumpstart Class"
  4. We will encourage relationship building through R.O.A.R. ("Reconnecting Our Amazing Relationships").
  5. We will train and place saints according to their gifting.